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Royal Wulff

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Royal Wulff: This is the ultimate Wulff pattern, and the first one that comes to mind in the Wulff series of flies. High floating, high

Royal Wulff Purple-Discount Trout Flies- — Big Y Fly Co

Royal Wulff Fly Tying Video - Tied by Charlie Craven

Royal Wulff Attractor Fly, Dry Fly For Fast Water

Royal Wulff Dry Fly Print

SF Royal Wulff Para Xfloating High Viz BL, 3,99 €

Royal Wulff Dry Fly, 6-Pack – Blue Wing Olive

Royal Wulff Classic Trout Dry Fly Fishing Flies - Set of 6 Flies Size

Royal Wulff - ScientificFly

Royal Wulff Attractor Fly, Dry Fly For Fast Water

The #10 version is ideal for dry/dropper rigs or even dry/bead rigs. Make sure to have a few of these in your fly box for June and July trout fishing.

Royal Wulff

Lee Wulff's signature fly patterns utilize hair instead of feathers for wings and tails, thus creating a much bushier, higher floating, and much more durable fly. The White Wulff fly is a pattern color variation and like all Wulff patterns is excellent for when the water is rougher or faster than usual. In white. Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14.

Royal Wulff Fishing Fly Lure | Red | Size 16 | Orvis


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