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**This lure is in near new condition with no chips or surface marks but does have a single small crack on the bottom on the lure face. Skirting is

Tom Futa Lures(?) Silver Starburst Blue-Pink Back Paniolo 9 3.7oz Near New Pre-Owned

Wireman Custom Lures

Hawaiian Malolo Bird Tropic Thunder + Koya Lures 9 Hard Head Pre-Rigg – GZ Lures Big Game Supply

Koya Lures - Large Poi Dog — GZ Lures Big Game Supply

RESTOCK Koya Lures- 5x Grander Catcher - Large Poi Dog - Proven Grander Candy- New - As-Is Koya Lures Saltwater Tackle - BGLH

Koya Lures - Large Poi Dog — GZ Lures Big Game Supply

ALOHA LURES, KOYA-NIIYAMA Collabs, & PRE-OWNED New Release Preview 6/29/21

KOYA LURES Large Poi Dog & Hard Cut Large Poi Dog Review by Capt. Chris Donato

Koya Lures Amber Starburst Black Pearl XL 861 16 14oz Skirted Petrole – GZ Lures Big Game Supply

New MOYES LURES Sumo & Papa Teasers & Vinyled KOYA LURES New Release Preview 8/1/21

Today we are showing off a brand new release of the Hard Cut version of the Koya Lures Large Poi Dog - All vinyl skirted by Matt LoSasso of Kona Custom

Heavy Tackle - 12 inch, 13 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch 18 inch lures -In Stock Now. Shop all New and Used Saltwater Tackle Offshore Trolling Lures - BGLH

KONA CUSTOM LURES Handmade by Kerwin Masunaga Overview

Fountain Lures Strawberry Pearl Bullet 7 6.5oz Near New Pre-Owned — GZ Lures Big Game Supply

Saltwater Tackle New & Used Trolling Lures

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