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LINDY Spring Bobber Floats

$ 1.50

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Lindy A.F 3/8 in pencil, 5-1/2 spring
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Lindy A.F 3/8 in pencil, 5-1/2 spring

Floats and Bobbers at the VanDam Warehouse

The 24-hour float system! Thill Night 'N' Day Spring Floats is made of pure balsa wood, brightly colored for easy daytime visibility; special glow-in-the-dark paint is easy to spot between dusk and dawn. Spring floats.

Thill Night 'n' Day Slip Floats - Black

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LINDY Spring Bobber Floats

Thill America's Favorite Spring Float in Orange Size 118 Made in USA

Thill's America's Classic Floats - 3/4 in Oval - Spring

Thill Lighted Bobber and Exchange Jig System from Lindy-ICAST 2009

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