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A Dobsonfly : r/interestingasfuck

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A Dobsonfly : r/interestingasfuck

Please Identify - About 10 mm Long California Coast : r/insects

Flight of an insect captured on video at 3200 FPS : r/interestingasfuck

Blanket Octopus Unfurling its Wings : r/TheDepthsBelow

I introduce to you, the absolute monstrosity of a flying insect, the Dobson Fly. : r/interestingasfuck

Fisherman here, just want to confirm that this is a female Dobson fly (found near a stream in upstate NY) : r/insects

From the loins of the Ugly Stick: Behold the Dobsonfly — Monadnock Pest & Wildlife Services

No venomous spiders in Maine? Try again. UM and Penn state officially recognize the northern black widow to be native to central Maine, albeit in low numbers. Brown recluse remain non-native, and

Anyone know what this thing is? : r/ThatsInsane

The dobsonfly I held that made them become one of my favorite insects. The poor dude was missing one of his pincers, yet he was extremely docile and rested on my hand

Dobson Fly Corydalus Cornutus Real Insect Entomology Collectible Shadowbox

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